Abraset | Associação Brasileira de Fornecedores de Serviços, Equipamentos e Tecnologia para Aeroportos | ABRASET – CODE OF ETHICS
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The members of ABRASET – Associação Brasileira de Fornecedores de Serviços, Equipamentos e Tecnologia para Aeroportos (Brazilian Association of Providers of Services, Equipments and Technology for Airports – contribute for high standards of quality, security and technology of airports for which they provide services or products. Each member must strictly follow the Code of Ethics guidelines set out below in order to respect our society, free initiative, and the maintenance of contractual commitments agreed in their businesses relationships.

  1. To comply faithfully with the commercial commitments made with their airport area clients, in such a way that there is strict commitment with the deadlines and with the guidelines related to the quality standards established by ABRASET.
  2. To not make any use of anti-commercial practices, curbing any sort of practice (within or outside the scope of ABRASET) that aims to exclude, hinder or hamper the competition in the airport area.
  3. The sale of services and products accomplished by the member companies must directly reflect high standards of quality, safety, technology, price and social responsibility, as well as respect for public health and for the environment.
  4. Proceed in strict compliance withBrazilian laws.
  5. Make use of honesty and accuracy in the attainment of contracts.
  6. Recognize and value the norms of collective labour conventions.
  7. Dignify personal initiative and free competition in service and product offering.
  8. Ensure for your own reputation in the market, as well as ABRASET’s.
  9. Seek excellence in the provision of services/ and supply of products, using equipment and qualified people.
  10. Participate in ABRASET’s activities and meetings, contributing to the development of the association, so as to ensure the common interests of its members and of airport users.


The company that does not follow the ethical precepts mentioned above may be excluded from ABRASET’s membership, based on a decision of its Board of Directors, according to the rules established in the association bylaws. In such an extreme case, the company will be given thirty days to appeal to the Ordinary General Meeting of the entity against its exclusion.